#5 My Re-Enchantment Story

(A Verigated Meadow Hawk cannot spread COVID. It is however the ‘messenger between worlds.”)

Yesterday, I tested positive for COVID. Not so surprising since Terry’s had it for two weeks since catching it at a wedding.  In ordinary or disenchanted reality, COVID seems to have originated in a Chinese market where both a “racoon-dog” and the virus were found. (Some of the latest findings are here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-origins-wuhan-market-animals-raccoon-dogs/). A racoon-dog looks like it had a racoon for a mother and a small, longer -haired, terrier-type dog for a father.

A non-ordinary or enchanted reality may also exist. In her recent book, Harmonic Healing, Dr. Linda Lancaster, a homeopathic doctor we see in Santa Fe, wrote about viruses.  “The virus is connected to the ether, the most subtle of all elements. The ether and the etheric force fields of the earth are what we are talking about here. Viruses come in on the ether to give us information. But are we sovereign in ourselves to not only withstand and understand but also to *process* it? It is not something to be afraid of but something to be grateful for”. To give us information.

What information are we to be getting from COVID? Covid basically shut the world down for two years, killing millions while permanently altering the lives of billions. I’ve just spent an hour reading about the metaphysics of COVID. Here’s what resonated: Collectively, “a virus is a call to change our consciousness”. Catherine Carriagan, a medical intuitive, wrote this in March 2020, right as we started taking COVID seriously. Before COVID how many of us were already wondering “why does nothing make sense?”, or “how can we heal the divide in our country?” or “how do we confront climate change given the lack of political will?” Perhaps “changing our consciousness” answers these questions, but also “WHY did COVID start?” Anthony Fauci said when asked HOW COVID started, “We may not ever know precisely and definitively.”  Imagine if he knew that the COVID virus came in on the ether, bringing important information.